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Case Study: Elementis

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Providing the service and the software Elementis needed!

As with many of our clients, a business associate recommended Grant at Elementis Boiler Experts to use our accountancy services. Grant was specifically looking for an accountant who used Xero cloud accounting software, having been unimpressed with other packages used by previous accountants that hadn’t met his needs.

At Ellacott Morris, we only use Xero, knowing that it offers everything any business could need and more. When Grant joined us back in March 2021, he knew he’d made the right decision when all the apps and features he needed were seamlessly integrated with Xero.

Grant said: “We use DEXT to log expenses and ServiceM8 for project management, both of which provide great efficiency, especially when you’re not often in the office. I love Xero's mobile access; it’s so user-friendly and saves me a lot of time. Everything integrates so well, making things like bank reconciliation so simple. I really can’t fault it!”

We’ve worked with Grant on implementing Xero for all areas of his business and, more recently, focusing on cost-cutting strategies when the cost-of-living crisis affected his business, like so many others in his sector. We also provided tax advice, resulting in significant financial savings.

Grant said: “Working with Ellacott Morris is more like working with a business advisor than just an accountant. Michelle has saved me so much money, alongside Xero, which saves me stacks of time. What I appreciate most about working with Ellacott Morris, as a busy business owner, is that they’re always available to answer any questions and put my mind at rest. That level of service is invaluable to me. Michelle’s recent advice when we experienced tough times and witnessed many of our competitors go bust has literally saved my business.”

We provide bespoke support to all our clients, knowing everyone’s needs are unique. Whether your business is growing at a rapid rate and you’re struggling to keep on top of everything, or you’re experiencing financial difficulties and you don’t know where to turn – we can help. From startups to established companies, our friendly experts are here to offer expert advice and support.

Grant’s journey with us over the last 3-years is another example of how Xero can improve any business. Xero and its many compatible apps and features will improve your business regardless of your business size or sector. Xero works for your business, and we can show you how. You can contact us here.

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Case Study

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