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Accountant & Trouble Shooting Maven


With a background in financial auditing, Olivia’s analytical brain is vital to overcoming many of the hurdles faced by our clients. Like an assassin armed with a gun, she troubleshoots problems for fun!

Olivia is our critical thinking, formula loving, numbers genius, making light work of the most complex issues. Formulas are like her second language!

Appreciated by our clients for her incredible relationship building and client management skills, Olivia loves to really get to know the businesses she’s supporting and wholeheartedly celebrates every milestone they reach.

A lover of words as much as numbers, Olivia is currently writing a book! As well as teaching yoga and pottery in her spare time and learning to play the piano she’s also a keen gamer, turning to the Xbox for some downtime (maybe that’s where she’s learnt her swift shooting skills)!

Recent Blog Posts

Why You Need a Government Gateway Account

Friday, January 26, 2024

When it comes to managing your business and personal tax affairs, having a Government Gateway account is essential.

Understanding Director Liabilities for Small Businesses in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

Thursday, January 18, 2024

At Ellacott Morris, our services are designed to help and support our clients, ensuring they make the right choices for their business’ stability and success. Part of our role as accountants involves sharing knowledge and checking understanding, therefore confirming that our clients make informed decisions and remain compliant to the many UK business laws and regulations.  

Xero & Dext Demonstration Videos by Olivia

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Here at Ellacott Morris we love nothing more than making life easier for our clients. That’s why Olivia Adams, one of our incredible accountants, has put together a series of videos demonstrating some of the main functions within Xero and Dext.