Meet The Team


Admin Assistant and Top Tea Maker


Our authority on anything administrative, Alison keeps Ellacott Morris running like clockwork. Her varied role means no two days are the same, something she loves, ensuring her juggling skills are often put to the test.

With a career in finance and administration prior to joining our team, Alison’s experience and attention to detail are imperative to our internal efficiency and accuracy. She loves nothing more than creating order, showcasing organisational skills that blow her colleagues’ minds.

Enjoying seeing Ellacott Morris grow, working with more clients from varied businesses, Alison thrives on supporting others in her busy job role – plus she makes a mean cuppa!

Whether it’s the St Osyth air or the beautiful coastline on our doorstep, Alison is another member of our team who loves walking her dog and keeping fit and healthy with a varied fitness regime.

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