Our Journey

We love that our own journey during the conception and growth of Ellacott Morris is so relatable to many of our clients. Whatever stage you’re at in the development of your ‘baby’ – we’ve been there, got the T-Shirt, got the hat and had the sleepless nights too.

As any business owner knows, setting up and building your own business is challenging, scary, invigorating, exciting, exhausting and more. The true highs and lows of business are something that only fellow entrepreneurial go-getters can appreciate.

I began my journey in business by launching Michelle Ellacott Bookkeeping in 2010. I then went on to form Ellacott Morris in 2011 incorporating my married name. From the moment I founded Ellacott Morris, I wanted to build more than just an ‘accountancy firm’. I am passionate about ‘business’ in all its guises and wanted to offer a more holistic service that helped business owners grow and develop their ‘baby’ into a commercially successful, viable business.

I met Anjuli Symonds in 2009 and we became great friends. Anjuli was a trainee accountant at this time and studied with my support. I went on to have my 3rd child, leaving a fully qualified Anjuli by this time, to take the helm at Ellacott Morris while I enjoyed my maternity leave.

Soon, Anjuli became such an integral part of Ellacott Morris and all it stands for, a business partnership was formed. As joint business owners, the business grew and flourished, leaving us to juggle (literally some days) an ever-increasing client list and our 7 children, not to mention husbands and trying to have a social life (OK – the social life bit was a step too far at that time – there simply weren’t enough hours in the day!)

We believed we needed a team of accountants to cope with the increase in demand and bigger premises to house everyone. The refreshingly unique Ellacott Morris way of doing things had been so well received by businesses, that word had spread fast.

On reflection, at this time in 2018, we realised that this vast accounting machine that we’d built was not our original vision. Growth had been too rapid, and decisions had been made in haste. We felt we had lost the ‘personal touch’ we’d worked so hard to offer, so it was time for a restructure.

We took a step back and regained complete control of our client base. The business was streamlined (something we’d recommended to so many clients over the years, so it was time to take our own advice). Ellacott Morris at that point became the business we’d had always envisioned… Client focused, reactive, adaptive, personal and unique in the field of accountancy.

We’ve loved every step of our journey and learnt so much along the way - many of those lessons we’d like to share with you, so why not get in touch to find out more?...

- Michelle & Anjuli


Michelle met Anjuli in 2009 and they became great friends. Anjuli was a trainee accountant at this time and studied with Michelles Support


Michelle began her journey in business by launching Michelle Ellacott Bookkeeping in 2010


Michelle Ellacott Bookkeeping becomes Ellacott Morris in 2011, incorporating Michelle's married name


Ellacott Morris moves into their new office in the village of St Osyth


Staff from Ellacott Morris take part in a charity walk for St Helena's Hospice


Making Tax Digital event hosted by Ellacott Morris to help and support local business owners


Ellacott Morris has their most successful year to date


Xero headquarters trip to Milton Keynes to meet Gary Turner, co-founder & MD of Xero UK


Xero and Receipt Bank workshop held at our offices to help and support clients and non-clients