By Michelle Morris on 11/01/2022 06:00:00

GCS Alarms Case Study

We want to help your business achieve it's goals by providing the best financial guidance.

At Ellacott Morris we don’t want to just be your accountant. We want to be an integral part of your business journey, helping you to achieve your goals by providing the best financial guidance. We’re as excited by our clients’ successes as they are! 

Thank you Michelle and Paul, GCS Alarms Ltd for taking the time to share your experiences of working with us. 

How did your relationship with Ellacott Morris Ltd come about?

We are incredibly grateful to a fellow business owner who emphatically recommended Ellacott Morris to us when we were searching for some accountancy support.

What were the challenges you were facing that made you turn to Ellacott Morris Ltd?

We were guilty of old-fashioned bookkeeping practices and knew we needed to work with a company who could move us forward in terms of accounts software and processes. We were looking to work with a company who could support us on our journey, understanding the enormity of transition that needed to take place.

Reaching out for guidance on running your own business can be a difficult thing to do.  How did you find the experience?

When Michelle first visited us at GCS Alarms, we knew we’d found the right accountancy firm for us. She spent time not only assessing our accounting needs, but also getting to know us and our business. She got to grips with where we were at and where we wanted to go, taking our business goals into consideration. 

Her visit was followed by a detailed report and proposal that explained our next steps. This made the change to digital accounting seem much less daunting and clearly explained the many benefits (of which we couldn’t live without now).

We feel it is of the upmost importance to work alongside the business owner, and ensure they feel part of the process.  Have you found this to be the case?

The communication since that first meeting has been exceptional. Michelle and her team have been supportive and are always available to answer our questions. Thanks to Ellacott Morris we have managed to hit financial targets that previously felt out of reach.

Do you see a long a fruitful in the years to come between GCS Alarms Ltd and Ellacott Morris Ltd?

We cannot recommend Ellacott Morris enough – the impact they have had on our business has been incredible. We appreciate that had we have selected the wrong company to work with, that this could easily have been a different story. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to manage our businesses finances.

By Michelle Morris on 11/01/2022 06:00:00