By Michelle Morris on 22/07/2020 12:13:00

"Are you Ellacott or Morris?"

I'm both! 😂

Back in the days before Anjuli and I were business partners, I wanted to make the firm look bigger than just little old me in my garage, so I put my maiden name and married name together to form the company name! These days I've realised our small, personal approach is what people love about us, but back in those early days I still thought I had something to prove.

When we joined forces to make the dream team come true, we decided to keep the name since it was already established. Anjuli is not a power hungry attention seeker like me, so she was not fussed about adding her name into the mix. Besides, it was already enough trouble spelling Ellacott out every time we told someone our email, without adding Symonds into the mix! 😂

So, next time you wonder who Ellacott is, it's me ..... and so is Morris.

We've thought about coming up with a funky new quirky name like "Xero Heroes" or "The Accounticorns", but we like our sophisticated name in the classic accountant format so we're sticking with it.

We're funky enough already .... we don't want to totally blow your mind!

By Michelle Morris on 22/07/2020 12:13:00