Welcome Aboard!

Friday, November 10, 2023


When you become a client of Ellacott Morris, of which there are already over 500 happy businesses using our accountancy services, it starts an exciting journey.

Working with our financial experts enables you to navigate your business in the right direction, avoiding costly bumps and allowing us to support you to travel further and faster than before. 

Therefore, our onboarding process is vital to our business partnership with our clients. We use this time to set expectations, explain services and processes, deliver training and share our knowledge to get to know each other better.

So, when stepping aboard Ellacott Morris – here’s what to expect!

The Proposal Process

When we initially provide a proposal offering our various accountancy services, we will send it using a software called GoProposal. Even though this is a piece of software, we have made it bespoke to our business, evidencing our business culture and personality from the start of our journey. We want our clients to work with ‘us’, not just an accountancy firm. 

Upon acceptance of our services, GoProposal automatically communicates with Xero – our chosen cloud accounting software package – the only one we use and creates your client account, including the details of the proposal you have agreed to. 


At this point, you will be allocated and introduced to your account manager. You can book an initial introductory meeting if you need to. You will receive a one-hour free Xero training session to get you started on Xero, or if you’re an existing user, to show you some additional hints and tips that will benefit your business. 


Xero is our chosen cloud accounting platform, offering our clients the best accounting software. With so many features and compatible apps, we’ll discuss which tools will support your business operations, ensuring you get the most from your subscription. 


As mentioned, you will receive one hour of free Xero training as part of our onboarding process. If you need more training, we can tailor it to your needs. However, our training support doesn’t stop there. We have created a bank of Xero Demonstration Videos to walk you through many standard functions. Please see the following as an example: 

Use the Dext App to Snap Receipts

Use the Dext App to Submit Email Documents

Publish Documents from Dext to Xero

Connect Bank Feed in Xero

Reconcile in Xero

We’re always adding to our library, so let us know if there are any topics you’d like covered. 

In addition to these Loom Videos, ensure you’re following our social media channels, as we often post videos, vlogs, hints and tips designed to improve your understanding and use of Xero. Please see our example below:

Road Maps

As accountants, we love processes and procedures and have found that by documenting some of our main processes as road maps using clear visual aids, we can ensure clients stay on track and don’t take any wrong turns. The relevant process documents will be shared as part of your onboarding process, making your journey straightforward. 


Once our onboarding process is complete, then we hope you’ll settle in for the ride. But, to ensure, we will be in touch to arrange regular reviews and gather feedback. If, however, at any time, you have a query or a concern, we’re always happy to help. 

Does this sound like a business journey you’d like to take? If so, get in touch today and let us introduce you to the Ellacott Morris way of doing business. 

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